The original modular floating dock system available on the market since 1976. Family founded and operated, Jetfloat has been around and sure will be. Proved and tested, the product has shown to be practicaly indestructible over time.


20'' X 20'' X 16''

50 X 50 X 40 cm

6.2Kg - 14 lbs per unit

100Kg - 220 lbs of flotation per unit


Do not rot

Resists to perforation

Resists to impacts

Manufacturers warranty of 10 years


Twist lock connecting pin

Large load capacity

Resists storms & harsh weather




With our floating lift system, you will be able to take your boat out of the water after each use. This will keep your hull in new condition, without having to worry about cleaning. Also, when your boat is on the dock, it does not suffer the waves and can not hit the wharf. Despite the use of bumpers, it is still ideal to have a system tailored to avoid these risks.


Unlike a traditional pallet elevator that must be installed in a maximum depth of 2m (6 ft.) On firm ground, our floating elevator system can be installed in any depth and with any Type of seabed. The system is simple to use, you only have to propel the boat with the power of the engine, to climb on the platform. Due to its simplicity, the system requires no maintenance and has no mechanical component, so there is no risk of breakage.


Not only does the system allow you to mount the boat on the dock but the platform is also a Jetfloat wharf in its own right and can also accommodate other boats that can dock there. Then a basic system could allow to have a boat on the platform and two boats docked with water.

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